Data Migration Plan

The Data Migration Plan shows when, who and what will be delivered during the Data Migration. What activities will be scheduled are sourced from many deliverables which are shown below.

Preparing this deliverable will involve the following activities:

  • Identify Data Activities
  • Identify Data Activity Dependencies
  • Prepare Data Activity Estimates
  • Plan Milestones and align with Project Milestones
  • Waterfall Approach:
    • Develop Work Breakdown Structure
    • Identify Task Dependencies
    • Assign Resources to Tasks
    • Refine estimates/milestones with bottom-up estimates
    • Develop Project Schedule
  • Agile Approach:
    • Prepare Flight Plan
    • Design Agile Wall(s)
    • Assign Activities to Iterations
  • Prepare Resource Plan

This plan may consist of a document which documents:

  • Plan for version control
  • Cleansing Plan
  • Data Validation Plan
  • Business Engagement Plan 

In a Waterfall Approach this document may also outline Major Activities, Milestones and Estimates. It would also include a Project Schedule.

This major input to this document is completion of the Solution Design and so cannot be completed until Data Migration Requirements are known. Data Migration Requirements come from up to 3 locations:

  1. Solution Design Data Requirements 
  2. Business Data Requirements
  3. Solution Data Requirements (Specific to COTS solutions)

 The following diagram shows where information for the Data Migration Plan will be sourced and also where information in the Data Migration Plan will be used: