Data Migration Methodology

The CSD Consulting staff have been involved in data migration projects for over 20 years and have participated in over 30 data migration projects. They have taken this combined knowledge and experience and developed a set of processes, tools, techniques and templates that may be used or customised for any data migration project, all of which are driven from the CSD Data Migration Methodology. This methodology is just a guide and should be customised depending on the size of the data migration and the time/budget available. It should also be noted that many other Data Migration methodologies focus on data migration for data warehouses, data lakes and other data management environments. Although this method can be used for those types of projects this method is primarily focused on migration to operational systems. Data Migration to operational systems offers unique challenges, limitations and dependencies.

The following diagram shows the high level data migration approach which includes Strategies, Planning, Data Analysis, Data Profiling, Data Cleansing,  ETL Design and development, Data Reconciliation/Validation, Trial Migrations and Cutover.