CSD Consulting have the tools, processes and expertise to migrate your data from your legacy systems to new solution. They can provide Resources to assist and direct your project's data migration activities and work with other data migration professionals to deliver the best possible result.

CSD Consulting can also provide a complete data migration team who will utilise industry best practice processes, tools and techniques to deliver a successful data migration. The team will work with other projects streams and business representatives to deliver a data migration solution that will meet the Business Data Requirements, the Design Data Requirements and the Product Data Requirements.

CSD Consulting also has proven processes, tools and techniques that it can use to up-skill your data migration team.

They have a complete data migration methodology that is summarised on this site.

They have tools which can be demonstrate to customers and deploy at your site. They have mapping templates and pre-built tools which have been utilised on prior projects which could be used on your project to reduce development times.